Infinite Position Power Lift Recliners

Infinite Position Power Lift Recliners

Achieve a variety of positions with Pride’s infinite-position lift chairs. Pride® motorized recliners are the ultimate in style & performance®. The all-steel lift frame is backed by a lifetime warranty and delivers quiet and smooth operation. Experience customizable comfort with the 4-motor Infinity recliner by VivaLift!®. With so many choices, it’s easy to find a Pride infinite-position lift chair that meets your comfort needs.


VivaLift!® - Legacy PLR-958M

The Legacy PLR-958M Lift Chair is equipped with a power headrest, power lumbar and footrest extension.


VivaLift!® - Legacy PLR-958L

The Legacy PLR-958L Recliner offers infinite positioning, dual pockets and lithium battery backup.


VivaLift!® - Tranquil PLR-935M

The Tranquil Collection combines comfort with gorgeous fabrics for a rich upscale look.


VivaLift!® - Escape PLR-990iM

The Escape is a 4-motor recliner with infinite positioning, as well as a full-width power headrest.


VivaLift!® - Elegance PLR-975M

Experience the luxury of the Elegance Collection, which includes a power headrest and power lumbar.


VivaLift!® - Elegance PLR-975L

The Elegance PLR-975L Recliner features infinite positioning with power lumbar for complete comfort and support.


VivaLift!® - Urbana PLR-965M

The Urbana Power Recliner offers infinite positioning, power lumbar and beautiful Stonewash fabric.


VivaLift!® - Perfecta PLR-945M

The Perfecta Collection is equipped with a power backrest and lithium battery backup.


VivaLift!® - Metro PLR-925M

The Metro Recliner provides infinite positioning for complete comfort and a USB hand remote.



Pride’s infinite-position lift recliners are the ultimate in comfort. The Infinity 525iS lift chair delivers individualized support and relaxation.



Experience the comfort and support of Pride’s lift chairs. The Infinity 525iM lift recliner features integrated battery backup and a standard lumbar pillow.



The LC-525iL Infinity lift chair is made from premium, furniture-grade laminate/hardwood for maximum durability. Pride infinite-position lift chairs are engineered for years of lasting performance.



Experience pocketed coil seating for individualized support with the LC-525iPW lift recliner. This lift chair also comes with a standard lumbar pillow and head and arm covers.



With infinite positioning, the LC-107 Essential Recliner is great for napping, as it can achieve a variety of positions.



With dual pocket storage and an easy-to-remove back, the LC-108 Essential Recliner is a great choice.