3-Position Power Lift Recliners

3-Position Power Lift Recliners

Perfect for napping or relaxing, Pride® 3-position lift chairs deliver maximum comfort and superior performance. Choose from eye-catching fabrics to match your décor. The Oasis Collection lift recliners feature pocketed coil springs for individualized support. Enjoy durable, worry-free operation for years to come with Pride lift chairs. Find a 3-position lift chair that meets your needs.



Total Comfort Seating with a unique spring design ensures outstanding relaxation with the LC-358S lift recliner.



Available in an array of colors, the LC-358PW lift chair features large dual pockets for convenient storage.



A perfect lift chair for elderly individuals, the LC-358 lift recliner is equipped with a quiet and smooth lift system.



Experience Total Comfort Seating with a unique spring design on the LC-358L lift chair.



Experience Total Comfort Seating with a unique spring design on the LC450C Elegance Recliner.



Enjoy large dual pockets for storage and exceptional support with Total Comfort Seating on the LC-570M Recliner.



Enjoy a smooth and quiet lift system on the LC-570S Elegance Lift Chair, which includes integrated battery backup.



The LC-570L Elegance Recliner features Total Comfort Seating and a hand remote with USB charging.



The LC-106 Essential Lift Chair is built from premium furniture-grade materials for long-lasting durability.



The LC-102 Essential Recliner is a 3-position lift chair with Sinuous Spring Seating for total comfort.