Lifts for Scooters

Lifts for Scooters

Lifts for Scooters

Take your mobility on the open road with Pride® lifts for scooters. Our scooter lifts are durable, reliable and easy to operate. The Outlander TM exterior lift is designed for Go-Go® travel scooters and requires no modification to your vehicle. The Zeus 260 boom-style lift is extremely adjustable and can be easily removed from your vehicle when not in use. Enjoy superior performance with Pride lifts for scooters.


Backpacker AVP 2.0

Backpacker® AVP 2.0, interior lift, now offers dual remotes for simple and reliable operation.


Backpacker Plus

Get enhanced construction and a fresh new look with the Backpacker® Plus Interior Lift.


Commander 200 Trunk Mount

Commander 200 Trunk Mount interior lift is the perfect user-friendly lift option for various vehicles.


Commander 200 Hitch Mount

Commander 200 Hitch Mount lift is the perfect user-friendly lift option for various vehicles.


Commander 450 3-Axis

The Commander 450 3-Axis Vehicle Lift is compatible with full-size vans and trucks and offers a 450-lb. weight capacity.


Commander 450 2-Axis

The Commander 450 2-Axis Vehicle Lift offers a 450-lb. weight capacity and is compatible with trucks and full-size vans.



The Outlander Full Platform Exterior Lift offers a simple, hitch-based installation.


Outlander DE

An easy, drive on design takes the hassle out of loading with the Outlander DE Exterior Lift.


Outlander XL

The Outlander XL Exterior Lift makes loading and unloading your scooter fast and simple.


Outlander TM

The Outlander TM Exterior Lift is easy to use and engineered for travel mobility scooters.