Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs

Lightweight Power Wheelchairs

Don’t let your limited mobility keep you from living your life. Pride’s lightweight power wheelchairs provide the mobility you need while delivering exceptional portability. Life on the go has never been more attainable with the Jazzy® Passport, which folds simply for compact transport. The Go Chair® lightweight power wheelchair disassembles, so you can go from one place to the next with ease. Embrace a more active and fulfilling lifestyle with these lightweight power wheelchairs from Pride.


Jazzy® Passport

Compact and lightweight, the Jazzy Passport is perfect for traveling with ample storage and a cup holder.


Go Chair®

It’s #1 for portability! The Go Chair easily disassembles into five pieces for your on-the-go lifestyle.


Jazzy Select® 6 2.0

Discover the convenience of the fold-flat seat and outstanding performance on the Jazzy Select® 6 2.0.


Jazzy Select® 6

Mid-wheel drive ensures the Jazzy Select 6 delivers the tightest turning radius while caster wheels absorb obstacles for a smooth ride.


Jazzy® Elite ES Portable

The Jazzy® Elite ES Portable offers front-wheel drive and disassembles into five pieces that are easy to carry, making it perfect for life on the go.