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When searching for your perfect lift chair, fabric and colors are extremely important to consider, as well as comfort and performance. Your recliner should be contemporary, stylish and match the décor in your home. The Infinity Lift Chairs from Pride® Power Lift Recliners offers a complete range of fabric and color choices. While Infinity Recliners come standard with Durasoft fabric, made from 100% polyester, there are other options available to you. The Infinity Collection offers performance fabrics that provide additional benefits for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Infinity Collection

Infinity Collection

Crypton® Aria Super Fabric is contemporary and durable, resisting odors, spills, bacteria and stains. Crypton Aria Super Fabric is 100% water resistant for even greater peace of mind. This fabric includes a five-year warranty on the integrated moisture barrier.

Lexis Sta-Kleen® Performance Fabric is the first stain-resistant urethane fabric that offers enduring protection on lift chairs that lasts the lifetime of the upholstery. This fabric is equipped with a “stain shield” that allows spills to wipe off with a cloth.

With a detailed grain pattern, Ultrafabrics® Ultraleather® mimics the feel and look of real leather, with two-tone shading and a rich feel. It is clinically proven to be more resistant to temperature changes than vinyl and features an antimicrobial surface that cleans easily with water and soap.

With Pride’s Infinity Recliners, you can enjoy gorgeous fabrics in beautiful colors. It’s simple to find the perfect match to suit your taste and style.

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