The Go Chair®: Achieve Full Portability

You have places to go and things to do. You can’t be slowed down by a bulky scooter or wheelchair. Consider the Go Chair®, the perfect travel companion when you need complete mobility. Enjoy Pride’s signature, feather-touch disassembly, which allows you to disassemble the Go Chair into five lightweight pieces that are easy to carry and store. The heaviest piece is only 36 pounds!


Go-Chair, Park Bench

In addition to being easy to transport, the Go Chair features under seat storage. The dual, swing-away storage bins can hold personal items like your cell phone, keys or wallet. With a 300-lb. weight capacity and a foot platform with plenty of space, the Go Chair is appealing to everyone and is extremely versatile. An on-the-go lifestyle has never been easier or more stylish, as the Go Chair is available in your choice of six shroud colors.

With a five-point swivel seat and a 25.4-inch turning radius, there are so many reasons to choose the Go Chair for your next outing. When it comes to compact performance and complete portability, there is no comparison.

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