Experience the Innovative Escape Recliner

After a long day, you deserve to relax! Choose a lift chair that meets your comfort needs. The Escape Recliner by VivaLift!® is more than your average recliner This four-motor recliner delivers countless position combinations through innovative technology.

Rich in features, the Escape Lift Chair features power lumbar for personalized comfort. The stress during your day fades away with the full-width power headrest that lifts your shoulders, head and neck. The Escape also offers infinite positioning, allowing you to find the perfect position for reading, watching television, working on your tablet or taking a nap. Elevate your feet and stretch out with the footrest extension.

Escape Collection

The hand remote with USB charger lets you charge your cell phone or tablet while you relax. For your peace of mind, the Escape Recliner is equipped with industry-first Lithium battery backup, ensuring your lift chair remains operational even when your home loses power.

The Escape Recliner comes standard with Durasoft fabric, yet there is also optional UltraLeather® fabric available as an upgrade. Choose from our gorgeous earth-tone colors and find a look that matches your personal style.

It’s time to elevate your lifestyle with the Escape Recliner by VivaLift!

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